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Old Guys shaking their heads (Gravity's Gone)

This video was made with current footage and old Super 8 footage of my dad and grandpa.

Several times in the video you can see old guys shaking their heads.

One is my father, sorry dad, no idea who the other guy is.

The music is from the Drive-By Truckers.

Sledding Tut Hill 2010

This is just a fun little sledding video, you may recognize the music.

Eagle Talon TSi AWD and 396 Camaro at Bandimere

Altitude: 5800'. My old Talon in the right lane against an old 396 Camaro at Bandimere Speedway.

Fastest my Talon ever ran was a 13.1@105 mph, that's not this video. It was capable of quite a bit more, it just had a lousy/lazy mechanic (me).

Riding the bull in Vegas...

It really is harder than it looks, I swear! Don't jump OVER the bull!