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Total ride miles (All-Time) for all athletes: 4009.3

Total commute miles (All-Time) for all athletes: 1334.6

Average miles per ride (All-Time) for all athletes: 13.5

Total ride miles in 2023 for all athletes:

Average miles per ride in 2023 for all athletes: 0

Total commute miles in 2023 for all athletes:
Money Saved commuting in 2023 by Federal standards ($.565/mi): $0
Pounds of CO2 not pumped in to the atmosphere: 0 pounds

What is Motate?

Motate was born out of my frustration with goal visibility on all the different activity tracking sites. Right now it's used only for tracking my own activity, Deondre Smith and a few others, which may be mildly amusing.

If you would also like your own dashboard just Register on the sidebar! If not, enjoy the videos, riding a mechanical bull is harder than it looks! :)