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Self-supported bike tour

Denver, CO to Hull, IA - 730 miles - 11 days

21,070 ft climbing, 25,170 ft descending?

Full Trip
736 miles
Day 1
Denver, CO to Strasburg, CO
43.1 miles
Day 2
Strasburg, CO to Brush, CO
79.5 miles
Day 3
Brush, CO to Sterling, CO
41.5 miles
Day 4
Sterling, CO to Oshkosh, NE
93.9 miles
Day 5
Oshkosh, NE to Sutherland, NE
75.9 miles
Day 6
Sutherland, NE to Arnold, NE
63.5 miles
Day 7
Arnold, NE to Sargent, NE
57.8 miles
Day 8
Sargent, NE to Neligh, NE
103.2 miles
Day 9
Neligh, NE to Laurel, NE
65.8 miles
Day 10 3-State Day!
Laurel, NE to Akron, IA
63.4 miles
Day 11
Akron, IA to Hull, IA
46.6 miles