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Home to Hometown bike tour

Done! June 16, 2013 - June 26, 2013

11 days, 736 miles, a helluva lot of fun!

See this map in full-screen.

Hell, from the elevation profile it looks like we just coasted downhill...

Riding Home featured in the local Hull Index Reporter.

If you want to see the pictures without clicking on the map, just check out the Gallery.

Full Trip
736 miles
Day 1
Denver, CO to Strasburg, CO
43.1 miles
Day 2
Strasburg, CO to Brush, CO
79.5 miles
Day 3
Brush, CO to Sterling, CO
41.5 miles
Day 4
Sterling, CO to Oshkosh, NE
93.9 miles
Day 5
Oshkosh, NE to Sutherland, NE
75.9 miles
Day 6
Sutherland, NE to Arnold, NE
63.5 miles
Day 7
Arnold, NE to Sargent, NE
57.8 miles
Day 8
Sargent, NE to Neligh, NE
103.2 miles
Day 9
Neligh, NE to Laurel, NE
65.8 miles
Day 10 3-State Day!
Laurel, NE to Akron, IA
63.4 miles
Day 11
Akron, IA to Hull, IA
46.6 miles